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Family Mediation Services

  "Preserve your family's financial and emotional assets through mediation.

Mediation allows you to stay in control and create solutions you can really live with."

Divorce is a painful and confusing experience for everyone involved.  Families that begin the process with mediation have an opportunity to craft their own solutions and minimize the emotional and financial harm that a prolonged "battle" over assets, liabilities, and children can cause.  

When parents need to separate, mediation offers the best option to minimize harm to your children's family. After a divorce, parents have important decisions to make regarding "family matters" that affect the lives of their children:  family time with each parent, new relationships, celebrations, educational and health issues, and guidelines for parenting.  Mediation is a valuable tool to coach parents through these difficult issues that arise over time as you strive to be the best parent possible for your children.

Families without children will benefit by mediating issues related to their separation.  There is a greater opportunity for the parties to preserve financial and emotional assets for their future, rather than "spending" them on the present effort to disengage their relationship.

Aging parents can be a source of conflict between the parents and their adult children and between the adult children as they make their way through the difficult decision regarding the parents' care.  Mediation is a natural resource for families to move down this new life path with the least amount of harm to relationships. 

Settling family estates can lead to conflict between siblings that results in life long estrangements.  Preserve your family relationships and assets by using mediation services to help you resolve difficult issues arising from inheritance and the division of family estates.  

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