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What Clients Say

"Hi Nancy, the 'Building a Culture of Peace' seminar was just what we needed.  As chaplains we believe there is no complete health without spiritual well-being.  And peace is such an important component of that.  You're always a breath of fresh air and I appreciate your wisdom, gentleness, and truthfulness!  Thanks! Pam (Cook Children's Hospital Chaplains)

Nancy, I write for a couple of reasons.  First to tell you how much I enjoyed last week's course.  I must admit to being skeptical about the course when I figured out that the majority of students were not lawyers.  I think attorneys in general and me in particular tend to think we have an inside track on dispute resolution and that the law way is the only way.  This course and the opportunity to hear other professionals' insights was illuminating for me.  Secondly, I know you will be sending out materials developed by the students.  Will you also provide contact information for the class?  I would like the ability to continue communicating with some of the folks I met."  CEDevin Attorney 2018

"Hi Nancy,  thank you so much for your time and energy sharing your knowledge with us during the class.  It was an absolute pleasure to learn from you and others in the room!  I have been sharing my experience with colleagues and friends that are interested in the training.     Thanks again!  Stephanie"  

Stephanie Waltman, PHR, SHRM-CP | Human Resources 2016



"Hey Nancy -  Thanks !!  It was very nice to meet you and I enjoyed the class immensely !!!  I have a friend who is an LSW who needs to take that class. I've given her your info.
I expect to have the pleasure of seeing you around the Kaufman County Courthouse if not otherwise.  My office is in Terrell and I've been here for 38 years, so....  hope to see you soon !!
Dave Mallard "
David S. Mallard 2016

"Nancy, your classes are super and you do a great job of getting everyone involved and sharing your mediations techniques. I really enjoy a cross section of backgrounds in your classes. It was so helpful to me because it gives different ideas and insights not only in mediation but also in my law practice. Thanks again to everyone." Hawley Holman, July 2014

"I was in your 9/29 Mediation class in Dallas.  It was a great class and I have applied what I learned many times in my daily living." (Anne Sutherland,  September 2014)

"THANKS!  I thoroughly enjoyed the class and learned invaluable principles in moving people forward through conflict/resolution!"  (Robert Sutton, February 2014)

"I was blessed to attend the class you taught.  You were so knowledgeable, but never came to any topic with non-negotiable answers.  Rather, you were always open to the situation and how application of mediation skills would be helpful.  To a point, Nancy, your attitude was encouraging, you were ALWAYS more interested in understanding than judging.  Considerable gifts that encouraged me to mediate.  Nonetheless, you have given me encouragement, for which I am grateful--profoundly so.  Wishing you only the best...in fact, I share a toast, 'May the best of your past be the worst of your future!'  With appreciation, Mark Henry Miller" 

"Your training really prepared me and provided the confidence that I can succeed in this profession.  Thanks so much for making your class enjoyable and a wonderful learning experience.  I have done about 9 mediations during the past year.  Your training made me feel really comfortable in handling the cases.  They were mostly child custody cases.  I will keep you posted as other things come up."  (Oscar Polk 2012)

"Nancy, I want to tell you how very much I enjoyed your training.  It was the best CLE or training class I have had since law school 16 years ago.  I will always remember so many new things that I learned.  You are an excellent teacher and I really enjoyed your teaching style." (Susan, Elliott, TX Attorney, October 2012)

"Please know how much I valued your Basic Training class...you are competent, well-paced, and connected to the students.  A fine combination."  (Mark, May 2011)

"Nancy, on behalf of the CONTACT Connection, thank you so much for your presentation yesterday to our group. We all can benefit from what we learned from you, and, actually, several people have asked me how to contact you, so I will pass that information on to them.  Thank you again. We appreciate your taking time from your busy schedule to be with us. Best regards, Isabel" (April 2009)

"Nancy, thank you so much for speaking with my class about careers in mediation and consulting.  It was very well received by the class, providing them with valuable insight from your many years of successful practice."  (Michael Colatrella, SMU Legacy, April 2009)

"Nancy, thank you for presenting at the 2009 Texas Association of Mediators' conference.  Your class on "Hospitality and Mediation" looked at an important aspect of the process.  It was different and well received.  It represented the kind of fresh thinking we had hoped for and which helped the conference to have some very strong content.  You were a wonderful part of the conference."  (2009 TAM Conference Planner)

"I found the "Co-Mediate Past Impasse" training pragmatic with many good examples, plus very helpful.  I am going to start practicing some of your tips in my next co-mediation session."  (Dick Comreid, Comried & Associates)

" Nancy, I thought your Basic Mediation training was Wonderful!  You did a great job of balancing the instruction and the practice so that we really learned and experienced the mediation process.  I have used the techniques that you taught us many times in the work setting to assist in resolving conflict.   It is really a very adaptable process and model that can be used in a variety of settings.  You also have a great sense of humor which really added to the class."   (Paula J. Caya, HR Department, Celanese)

"Dr. Ferrell, the presentations you give on dispute resolution to Christian Women's Job Corp participants are among the most helpful topics covered during our sessions.  We appreciate your kindness and support of this ministry and our endeavor to help women in need to work towards self-sufficiency.  Thank you so much."  (CWJC Dallas Staff:  Flo Campbell, Rochelle Ross and Paulette Harrison)

"I have conducted Workshops and Seminars for over 30-years.  I always measure how worthwhile one is, by did it get results?  Speaking for myself and the mother of my child, it (For Kids' Sake) definitely hit home.  There are good, practical working guide lines.  Although it was non-confrontational, you did make certain important points with firmness and authority.  That was important!  I commend you for your dedication to your work."  (John R. Sauer, The Sauer Group)

"Nancy, your wealth of personal experience adds depth and credibility to the Basic Mediation Training!  You did a great job of accommodating everyone's questions and still staying on message and on time.  Role plays were appropriate and very helpful.  You met and exceeded all of our expectations."  (Basic Mediation Class June 2008) 



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