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For Kids' Sake

Family conflict destroys children.  We can do better! 

For Kids' Sake Seminar (4 Hours)

  • Effects of Family Conflict on Children
  • Child Development and Conflict
  • A Child's Perspective on Conflict
  • Talking to Children About Change

Divorce is a painful and confusing experience for all children. Research indicates that the manner in which parents handle divorce can have a direct effect on children's adjustments. For Kids' Sake seminars are designed to help parents gain insight into the needs of their children during the transitions of divorce.

Even the most loving and caring parents find it difficult to focus on their children's needs during such a traumatic time -- and they seldom have the necessary skills to help their children with the resulting change and loss. For Kids' Sake puts parents in touch with their children's needs and provides them with the knowledge and skills to safely nurture their children through this process.

As an educational model, For Kids' Sake does not deal with personal or legal issues, nor is it intended to be a substitute for counseling. The overwhelming majority of parents who have participated in For Kids' Sake feel it is a very supportive and worthwhile experience.

Who may attend? Any interested parent or professional is invited to attend. Parents involved in a divorce, motion to modify, or other suits involving the parent/child relationship may be required by the court to attend. However, any parent or extended family member struggling with these issues is encouraged to attend.

When and where are the seminars held? Seminar dates, times, and locations are listed under the "Dates and Locations" tab for For Kids' Sake on the Home Page.  To confirm classes email nkferrell@sbcglobal.net.

Who facilitates the seminars? Nancy K. Ferrell, PhD, Adult and Continuing Education, is the primary facilitator. Dr. Ferrell uses co-facilitators depending on the size and make up of the seminars.

What is the cost? Fees are $50.00 per person, payable by check or money order prior to attending the seminar. A $10.00 rescheduling or cancellation fee and a $25.00 return check fee will be charged, when appropriate.

What information is covered? For Kids' Sake focuses on issues such as understanding the effects of divorce on children, gaining insight into children's perceptions of divorce, talking to children about family changes, how to avoid placing children in the middle of parental issues, and maintaining a meaningful and loving relationship with children.

How do I register? Fill in the For Kids' Sake registration form located in a drop down menu under For Kids' Sake.  Submit the registration form and mail your check or money order to For Kids' Sake at P. O. Box 140287, Dallas, TX 75214-0287.  Email nkferrell@sbcglobal.net regarding late registration. Mailed registrations MUST be received at least 5 working days prior to the class.

Will I receive a Certificate of Completion? All participants who complete the four hour seminar receive a certificate of completion. Seminars begin and end on time. No late arrivals are allowed. Participants must remain in class for the entire seminar. No exceptions. Please arrive 10 minutes early.

Child care is not available during seminars.

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